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No Bases Song

Tune: "There is Nothing Like A Dame"
Lyrics by Corinne Willinger and Mercy Van Vlack of the NYC Metro Raging Grannies and Their Daughters

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We have military bases, At home and all around,
In old Peru and Timbuktu, wherever there is ground.
In one hundred thirty countries, and in every case,
What do they give us, ANOTHER base!

There is nothing like a base.
And we have them every place
We will soon have them up in space.

In one hundred thirty countries, on every continent
On the land we occupy, their people don't consent.
In Turkey and the Philippines, in Okinawa too,
Whatever we do there - we must undo!

There is nothing like a base.
And we have them every place
We will soon have them up in space.

Nine hundred ninety seven, foreign bases plus,
We dominate these countries, they fear and don't want us.
Let the U.S. people know, our bases we must yield,
We only want our bases, on a baseball field!

There is nothing like a base.
And we have them every place
We will soon have them up in space.

Obama, We Don’t Need the War

Tune: “It Ain’t Necessarily So”
Lyrics by Shirley Littman & Nora Freeman, NYC Metro Raging Grannies and Their Daughters

Obama, you must stop the wars.
We tell you peace must be restored
We told our last leader,
But he was a cheater :
Where are the changes you swore?

Obama, get out of Iraq. Get out & don’t ever go back!
We’re here to correct you ,
And now we expect you,
To pull out the troops from Iraq.

More fighting in Afghanistan,
Is part of the same lousy plan.
Civilians are dying,
In this war you’re buying,
Obama, we need a new plan!

Obama we send you this song,
It’s not that you’ll never go wrong
But we must remind you,
We won’t stand behind you,
While troops are where they don’t belong!

Gaggle of Grannies Protests Indian Point

Tune: "Side by Side"

Lyrics adapted by Sunny Armer, Raging Grannies WOWW, from anti-war song by Esther Farnsworth, Vermont Raging Grannies

Oh, we are a gaggle of grannies
Urging you off of your fannies.
Indian Point
Is a dangerous joint.
Shut it down!

With all that Entergy's spending
To keep their license from ending.
You'd think they'd go broke,
With mirrors and smoke.
Shut it down!

The NRC approves them,
They tell us so cleverly.
The NRC is a lapdog
To the nuclear industry.

So, we may be a gaggle of grannies,
But we've gotten off of our fannies.
Stop Entergy's spin!
If they lose we win!
Shut it down!
We really mean it.
Shut it down!
And we mean business.
Shut it down!

Radical Environmentalists

Tune: “She’ll Be Comin’ ’Round the Mountain”
Lyrics: adapted from versions by Raging Grannies Kay Thode of Seattle and Vicki Ryder of Rochester/South Florida by Sunny Armer of NYC Metro and Raging Grannies WOWW.

Raging Grannies are environmentalists,
Yes, we're radical environmentalists.
When oil spills reach our sho-ores,
You will hear us and rage and ro-oar
'Cause we're radical environmentalists!

Oh, we like our veggies without pesticides,
Dairy products without hormones dumped inside.
We like clean air and clean water,
For our planet's sons and daughters
'Cause we're radical environmentalists!

We never eat food grown from gene-spliced seeds.
And we don’t care if our lawns are full of weeds.
We like forests filled with old trees
And rivers with no PCBs.
We're radical environmentalists!

Oh, we don't like energy from fossil fuels,
'Cause we know they poison earth, we ain't no fools!
We'd rather look at windmill blades
Than Indian Point near the Palisades
We're radical environmentalists.

We bring our shopping bags when we buy food,
And we want to change consumer attitude.
Recycle bottles, cans, and paper,
Show your love for Mother Nature,
Then you'll be a true environmentalist.

Everybody Loves a Peaceful World

Tune: “Everybody loves a Saturday Night”
Lyrics by the late Helen Pancic of the NYC Metro Raging Grannies, 10/20/07

Everybody loves a peaceful world, Everybody loves a peaceful world,
Everybody, Everybody, Everybody, Everybody,
Everybody loves a peace-ful world.

Continue singing, with each verse in a different language.

PlayStation: War Is Not a Videogame
Tune: “Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy”
Lyrics by Sunny Armer

After almost two years of glorifying the "Army experience" and U.S. wars through video and war games in a mall outside Philadelphia, the Army Experience Center was shut down on July 31, 2010. We started singing this song about it in 2009, and it became part of the large demonstrations against this recruiting center.

Watch the video at

He was just a normal, ordinary high school boy.
His Game Boy and his X-Box games gave him great joy.
He was the best guy at those games,
But it was only for fun
Till the recruiters came.
He joined the Army then,
And now his claim to fame
Is his high score killing human beings without getting blamed.

She was just a normal, ordinary high school girl.
Her X-Box and her Game Boy really rocked her world.
She was the best girl at those games.
But it was only for fun
Till the recruiters came.
She joined the Army then.
They taught her better aim,
But when civilians died her guilt could not be restrained.

Bang, boom , deedlee-ee beep!
Recruiting stations these days
Use simulations
Where kids sit in tanks and blow up bad guys
From foreign nations.
Recruiters tell the kids
War’s like a videogame,
But after real-life battles kids are never the same.

Most kids feel immortal and think they can’t die.
They can’t imagine injuries might wreck their lives,
Or that post-traumatic stress
Can shake up their brains,
And leave them depressed.
Recruiting stations wear
PlayStation camouflage.
Don’t let them draw our kids in with a high-tech mirage!

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