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Raging Grannies is an international movement which started in 1987 in British Columbia, Canada. It now has chapters (which we call " gaggles" ) all over the world. Raging Grannies promote global peace, justice and social and economic equality by raising consciousness through song parodies and satire. You can find hundreds of songs from Grannies near and far at http://raginggrannies.net.

Our gaggle, NYC Metro Raging Grannies and Their Daughters was started and sponsored by the New York City chapter of Women' s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). Our ages range from 49 to 98.

If you live near enough to travel to our meetings in New York City (Manhattan), you can join the NY Metro gaggle.

Contact us at raginggrannies@comicbookradioshow.com

We often sing at rallies, protests, demonstrations, and the like, but we are also invited to sing by other groups and individuals. To invite us to sing for your organization, group, or rally, please e-mail us: raginggrannies@comicbookradioshow.com

Breaking News! We now have a CD,Still Aging, Still Raging: Raging Grannies of New York City.
  our CD
To get a copy, please e-mail us: raginggrannies@comicbookradioshow.com

Some places we've sung:

In June 2011 our gaggle sang again at the Clearwater Festival with Grannies from Western Massachusetts, as well as the new gaggle called Raging Grannies WOWW. The Great Hudson River Revival, Clearwater is a music and environmental summer festival that has hosted over 15,000 people on a weekend in June for more than three decades. All proceeds benefit Clearwater, a nonprofit environmental organization. The festival is held on the shore of the Hudson River in Croton Point Park, Westchester County, NY. We have been performing there since 2003. In 2008, we extended an invitation to other gaggles to join us for the Festival and we met with Raging Grannies from Westchester, Tennessee, and Massachusetts for an afternoon of singing in the rain. We posted video of a few songs at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuNZZKxC5Z8 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf58OX4SntQ


Here we are in 2011. You can hear us interviewed and singing some songs in the archives of WBAI.
and look for Clearwater Hudson River Revival Festival, 12 noon. (Other talk and music precedes our interview.) More photos of Clearwater events on Photos page.

We sing by day and by night, indoors and outdoors at rallies, even when it's cold.

 Union Square (Photo by Robert Helman) 

Grand Central Xmas

We have often sung in Grand Central Station during Christmas week, with our own "carols." We usually get chased away by officials. Frequently, we find them sympathetic to our cause, and they help us find a new spot in the station. Members of Code Pink and the Granny Peace Brigade frequently sing with us.

Another annual Christmas week event is the protest against war toys with the Granny Peace Brigade. It's at a famous toy store, but we don't want to promote the brand name.
(Photo by Eva-Lee Baird)

September 11, 2010, Rally for Unity & Solidarity against Islamophobia

Protesting income tax used for war, April 15, 2008

  April 16, 2008, at a rally opposing U.S. Military Bases abroad.

(Photo by Bud Korotzer)

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