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We Are A Gaggle of Grannies

Tune: " Side by Side"

Lyrics by Jane Mackey, Victoria, BC Raging Grannies with Esther Farnsworth & the Vermont RGs, w. Corinne Willinger, NYC Metro RGs

Oh, we are a gaggle of grannies
Urging you off of your fannies;
We're telling you now
We're ANGRY and how!

With all that government spending
To fight wars that are unending,
The country is broke,
This isn't a joke

The Bush gang kept on lying,
Still haven't shown remorse/
With boys and girls still dying,           
Obama must change the course.

Sooo, we may be a gaggle of grannies,
But we've gotten off of our fannies,
We'll only rejoice for
We sing in one voice for
We really mean it
And we mean business
Nooo  MoooRE  WAaaaR!

Song of the Fetus

Tune: " The Man on the Flying Trapeze"

Lyrics by Corinne Willinger with Sunny Armer, NYC Metro Raging Grannies

Once I was happy but now I'm forlorn,
"Legitimate Rape" has all my insides torn.
And women now know that pro-lifers have sworn,
All fetuses have to get born.
Those fetus-es unborn must all have their say,
Before their hearts beat they must vote and must pray,
You never can get them aborted— no way—
The Congressmen and their friends say.

"Legitimate rapes" never caused pregnancy
One "knowledgeable" Congressman taught.
Another said if you are raped and with child
God blessed you and you can't abort!

But whatever happened to Roe versus Wade?
To undo that ruling they have a crusade.
So vote out pro-lifers and you won't be afraid
Of-their-laws every time you get laid.
Now Roe vs. Wade's still the law of the land,
And we recommend parenthood should be planned.
Abortion by choice is what we want to see,
And we recommend it be free!

Lady Parts

Tune: " Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Lyrics by Nora Freeman, NYC Metro Raging Grannies

In June 2012, the Michigan legislature was debating restricting abortion rights.During this discussion, State Representative Lisa Brown said, "I'm flattered you're all so concerned about my vagina." Because she used the word, the next day she was banned from speaking there for all of the following day. Rep. Mike Callton, a Republican, said he would not say the word "in mixed company.'"

Women, females, ladies, little girls 
All have those icky lady parts          
Ovaries, vaginas, uteri 
This song's not for the faint of heart!
Conservatives from Michigan
We can make them twitch again
Scratch their funky itch again
Here - it  - comes!
Now we're gonna sing it,       
That dirty, dirty word.
We're gonna sing it loud and clear
Va-gi na, va-gi na !!       
Did we of-fend some vir-gin ears?
This war on women's rights is serious,
We'll fight it to the very end.
But while we rage we've gotta have some laughs!
So we'll sing vagina once again
Conservatives from anywhere
Are you securely in your chair?
Though you think it isn't fair,
Sing it with us loud and clear,
Let us hear it far and near!
Vagina we can say it now - VAGINA!

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